Are You a Cockring-Wear Guy?

Keep These Stud-Wise Things in Mind

Unlike a glass penis ring, a horseshoe cock ring is a horseshoe-shaped metal fitting worn according to the different configurations of the male genitalia. Like other penis rings and clamping devices, this self-applied male enhancement method works according to constriction, prolonging the bliss through bigger, fuller erections and heightened speed, volume, and intensity of semen flow. But what do you think is the best cockring to use?

Glass Penis Ring: Set the Sex on Fire

There’s a sheer volume to the ring that should be expected, but a glass penis ring allows you to put it on easily. Pyrex, a smooth material, is used to create this clamping device. Hold the ring in place and work toward getting a rock-hard erection. Afterwards, you can keep it on for the duration of your love session and experience a revitalizing constriction in your alpha male package.

Horseshoe Cock Ring: Metal Happiness Detector

Horseshoe cockring use offers a number of benefits. For starters, you are generally able to become erect quickly. Yours is a blood-tight erection that reaches your body’s maximum erection and hardness potential. These supercharged erections are what sufferers of erectile dysfunction miss out on, and they are so bent on achieving again those sexual highs during intercourse.

Why use a cockring? Erections, for one, are expected to be “put on” for longer period of time, with, without, or with minimal sexual stimulation after the onset of the erection. If you are often faced with the pressures work, family, and daily life and you think that this is getting in the way of your bedroom performance, top-quality cockrings just might be the encouragement you need.

Cock rings keep you hard even after ejaculation. This is a tall order, because you have to reduce post-ejaculatory sensitivity to stay on top of your game. The benefit extends to gay partners in bed, because men who love it in the “bottom” will continue to enjoy rock-hard quality even with his role in the whole sexual narrative. The men on “top” will also be sufficiently prepared for anal intercourse – same perks apply to straight men who love the usual position in bed.

Compared to boner pills (Viagra aggression alert!) and other male enhancement product, cockring use also does away from painful and unnecessary side effects and drug interaction issues. These penis rings are applied mechanically and fitted according to individual penile size, so the accuracy and quality of work offered accounts for better results. You don’t have to worry at all about adverse reactions if you follow cock ring instructions closely.

Supercharge your sex life without neglecting safety and comfort – this is the most exciting thing ever to happen in the male enhancement scene, and cock rings show a lot of promise in this area.

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